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Evan Kutzler

Evan A. Kutzler is an assistant professor of History at Georgia Southwestern State University where he teaches U.S. and Public History. He received a BA from Centre College, and an MA in Public History and PhD in U.S. History from the University of South Carolina. Prior to researching Ossabaw Island, Kutzler worked on a variety of preservation and interpretive projects in addition to his research on sensory history—the way people in the past mediated and understood the environment through sounds, smells, touches, tastes, and sights. In 2015, he met Jill Stuckey in Plains, Georgia, when he was working for the National Park Service. They began collaborating on this project in December 2015 when Wayne Johnson of Macon, Georgia, offered to fund the project.

Books by Evan Kutzler

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Ossabaw Island: A Sense of Place
By author: Evan Kutzler   Photographs by: Jill Stuckey
Product Code: H926
ISBN: 9780881466034
Product Format: Hardback
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Ossabaw Island has meant many things to many people. For its earliest residents, Ossabaw was a bountiful place to live and gather yaupon holly. For relative latecomers it has been a source of live oak lumber, a series of brutal slave plantations, a winter retreat for northern industrialists, a cattle ranch, an artists’ retreat, and Georgia’s first Heritage Preserve. Despite the long history of a give-and-take relationship between humans and nature, Ossabaw now exudes a strong sense of untamed wildness that is part of its appeal to artists, scientists, and nature lovers alike. This book takes an interdisciplinary approach, combining photography and public history to delve into the island’s layered human and natural past and present.