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Janet Thorngate

Janet Thorngate is president of the Seventh Day Baptist Historical Society and former librarian of the Seventh Day Baptist Historical Library and Archives. She has degrees in English and History from Salem College and West Virginia University (MA) and has taught Church History at the Seventh Day Baptist School of Ministry and English at Salem International University and West Virginia University.

Books by Janet Thorngate

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Baptists in Early North America–Newport, Rhode Island, Seventh Day Baptists, Volume III
Edited by: Janet Thorngate   Series edited by: William H. Brackney
Product Code: H922
ISBN: 9780881465884
Product Format: Hardback
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Baptists in Early North America—Newport, Rhode Island, Seventh Day Baptists , Volume III covers the period 1664 to 1808, from the date some members of Newport’s first Baptist church began meeting for worship on the seventh-day Sabbath (Saturday) through the first 137 years of their life as the Newport Seventh Day Baptist Church. Transcriptions of the church’s first three record books (1692–1808) are preceded by extensive excerpts from the manuscripts and letters of Samuel Hubbard, one of the founding members; these document the origins in John Clarke’s Newport Baptist church and the influences from Sabbathkeeping Baptists in mid-seventeenth century England.