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Milam McGraw Propst

Milam McGraw Propst hopped about from newspaper reporting to public relations to writing books. Author of nine books in all, her first, A FLOWER BLOOMS ON CHARLOTTE STREET published by Mercer University Press, became the film, The Adventures of Ociee Nash. Propst lives in Sandy Springs, Georgia.

Books by Milam McGraw Propst

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A Flower Blooms on Charlotte Street: A Novel
By author: Milam McGraw Propst, Milam McGraw Propst
Product Code: P307
ISBN: 9780865549609
Product Format: Paperback
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The only remaining female in the George Nash family, Ociee chooses to view herself as more brother than sister. Her favorite outfit is soft, worn dungarees and her brother Ben's old shirt that Mama made. Ociee's hair is a wispy web of curls and, dreadfully, it usually falls in her face when her self-tied ribbons slide down her back. Her gray eyes sparkle as she delights in jumping on moving boxcars and chasing strangers who dare to wander upon her Mississippi farm. This same little tomboy also goes to great pains to cook and clean and make a home for her beloved Papa and brothers Fred and Ben. She tries valiantly to fill the hole her Mama's death has left in the family. She fingers Mama's locket and hopes the touch of it will make things better. Ociee endears herself to all while she struggles through the trauma of her mother’s funeral to finally celebrate her young life. Her eyes learn to see beyond stereotypes and traditional viewpoints as she looks into the hearts of people and finds only what is strong and joyful within them. Ociee giggles as only an innocent child can giggle; yet her youthful spirit carries what would seem to be the wisdom of an older soul. Ociee triumphs over the sadness, fear, and anxiety of the painful occurrences of her early life. In doing just that, she will bloom in a new garden and sow seeds of love in the lives of those who come to know her in a new home on Charlotte Street.
Sidetracked: Two Women, Two Cameras, and Lunches on Sherman’s Trail
By author: Milam McGraw Propst, Jaclyn Weldon White
Product Code: P531
ISBN: 9780881465754
Product Format: Paperback / softback
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SIDETRACKED is a series of stories which chronicle the zigzag adventures of two authors searching for a better understanding of their state. Milam Propst and Jaclyn White are good friends who enjoy the creative process, love to chat, dine, and explore out-of-the-way places. Their initial plan was to trace Sherman’s March to the Sea and visit some of Georgia’s 3,000 plus historic markers along the way. While the journey would not necessarily spotlight the Civil War, Sherman’s path would provide them with a specific route. There was one slight disadvantage to the plan. Neither of the writers have any sense of direction. Because of this, they got sidetracked often, made countless U-turns, and frequently found fascinating stories by accident.