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Kathy A. Bradley

Kathy A. Bradley lives and writes in Bulloch County, Georgia. She is the author of BREATHING AND WALKING AROUND: MEDITATIONS ON A LIFE, which received the Will D. Campbell Award for Creative Nonfiction in 2010 and for which she was named 2012 Georgia Author of the Year. She is an alumna of Wesleyan College and the Walter F. George School of Law of Mercer University. Bradley currently serves as an assistant district attorney for the Ogeechee Judicial Circuit.

Books by Kathy A. Bradley

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Breathing and Walking Around: Meditations on a Life
By author: Kathy A. Bradley, Kathy A. Bradley
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ISBN: 9780881462708
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Breathing and Walking Around is not a memoir. It is a record of four years’ worth of observations of common people, everyday events, and the natural world made by Kathy Bradley from her home in the coastal plains of South Georgia. A lawyer by training, a storyteller by nature, she shares with precision and layer upon layer of sensory image simple tales that emerge, in the end, as parables.
Wondering Toward Center
By author: Kathy A. Bradley
Product Code: P527
ISBN: 9780881465679
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In her second book of essays, Kathy Bradley continues her examination of the natural world as a prism through which to understand the human experience. With her family farm in the coastal plains of South Georgia serving as the anchor, Bradley uses her observations of animal life, agriculture, and the seasons to create what others have called parables, but what she calls “a map key or decoder ring” for some of the dilemmas of twenty-first-century life. The chronological stories, four years’ worth of tales that began life as newspaper columns, are inhabited by wild and unpredictable animals, civilized and unpredictable people, moons and cornfields, tides and floods and droughts—each described in sensory detail, each a metaphor rich in meaning. Bradley invites readers along on her wanderings in order that they might find their own meaning in the recounting of commonplace events and the lives of ordinary people.