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Tracy J. Trothen

Tracy J. Trothen is associate professor of Theology and Ethics at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. Trothen holds a ThD degree from Emmanuel College, University of Toronto. She is author of several publications including SHATTERING THE ILLUSION: CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE AND CANADIAN RELIGIOUS INSTITUTIONS and is coeditor of two anthologies, RELIGION AND SEXUALITY: DIVERSITY AND THE LIMITS OF TOLERENCE and RELIGION AND TRANSHUMANISM: THE UNKNOWN FUTURE OF HUMAN ENHANCEMENT.

Books by Tracy J. Trothen

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Winning the Race? Religion, Hope, and Reshaping the Sport Enhancement Debate
By author: Tracy J. Trothen
Product Code: P516
ISBN: 9780881465433
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Should high-tech prosthetic limbs be permissible in elite sports competitions? Why are caffeine and altitude tents usually acceptable while some cold medications are not? What will happen as we engineer new enhancing options such as genetic modification technologies that increase muscle strength, or individualized nutritional genomic programs for elite athletes? The ethics debate about the use of enhancements in elite sport is becoming increasingly complex. Yet we are not asking what relevance sports’ religious dimension has to this debate. Through an examination of literature on the relationship between sport, religion and spirituality, hope emerges as a compelling feature of sport and a significant part of what makes sport meaningful. Trothen explores four main locations of hope in sport: winning, losing, and anticipation; star athletes; perfect moments; and relational embodiment, and examines how these locations intersect with the enhancement debate.