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Johnathon Scott Barrett

Johnathon Scott Barrett is a seventh-generation Georgian, and grew up amongst a family that placed high value on fresh, farm-to-table food. He has held onto those roots and become a renowned cook and host in culinary rich Savannah, Georgia. A nonprofit executive and CPA, he is also an avid reader, fisherman, and gardener. Learn more at

Books by Johnathon Scott Barrett

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Rise and Shine!: A Southern Son’s Treasury of Food, Family, and Friends
By author: Johnathon Scott Barrett   Foreword by: Janis Owens
Product Code: H907
ISBN: 9780881465426
Product Format: Hardback
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RISE AND SHINE! is an engaging, funny, and poignant memoir about a Southern son and his life’s relationship with food. Johnathon Barrett takes you on a decades-long journey of culinary exploration. Successfully melding those early days of learning the basics of Southern fare and later stretching his culinary skills, Barrett demonstrates in this narrative his formula for a successful casual dinner or a formal black tie affair. With several menus and 100 recipes ranging from down-home picnic offerings such as ‘Joyce’s Don’t Mess with Success Pimento Cheese’ to a magnificent platter of ‘Grouper Meunière,’ the author provides a wonderful array of delights for contemporary cooks. This culinary love letter to Barrett’s parents and other loved ones who raised him will make you laugh, maybe shed a tear, and fill your hearts with a renewed appreciation for the magic that can happen in a family’s kitchen.