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William W. Winn

Journalist William W. “Billy” Winn has been unearthing important chapters in Southern history for half a century. During his distinguished writing career, he has authored hundreds of articles, several books, and garnered numerous awards. Winn has been published by such diverse entities as university presses and Rolling Stone Magazine.

Books by William W. Winn

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The Triumph of the Ecunnau-Nuxulgee: Land Speculators, George M. Troup, State Rights, and the Removal of the Creek Indians from Georgia and Alabama, 1825–38
By author: William W. Winn
Product Code: H900
ISBN: 9780881465228
Product Format: Hardback
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Published jointly with the Historic Chattahoochee Commission. Triumph of the Eccunna Nuxulgee is the first book to chronicle the tragic saga of Indian Removal with a specific focus on the Chattahoochee Valley of Georgia and Alabama. With candor and objectivity, William W. Winn chronicles the duplicity, political maneuvering, and military force through which the native Creeks ultimately lost their lands, illuminating latent issues of morality, sovereignty, cultural identity, and national destiny the affair brought to the surface.