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Ray Mathis

Ray Mathis (1937–1981) was a professor in the department of History at Troy State University. He was the author of Pilgrimage to Madison, College Life in the Reconstruction South, “Uncle Tom” Reed’s Memoir of the University, and John Horry Dent: South Carolina Aristocrat on the Alabama Frontier.

Books by Ray Mathis

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In the Land of the Living: Wartime Letters by Confederates from the Chattahoochee Valley of Alabama and Georgia
Edited by: Ray Mathis   With: Douglas Clare Purcell
Product Code: H901
ISBN: 9780881465242
Product Format: Hardback
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This unique book, originally published in a limited edition in 1982 and out of print for many years, is the most comprehensive collection of Civil War letters written by residents of Southeastern Alabama and Southwestern Georgia to be published. Poignant in emotion, informative in detail, and broad in scope, the correspondence contained here provides us with a unique opportunity to understand the Civil War and its effect on individuals and families from an intensely personal perspective. The writers, the great majority of them unlettered and expressing themselves in a disarmingly honest manner in their heartfelt missives, collectively paint a compelling portrait of a watershed moment in national history from a regional viewpoint. They make well-known events tangible and lesser-known sidebars illuminating.