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William Wright

William Wright is author of seven other collections of poems, three of which are full-length works, including Night Field Anecdote and Bledsoe. He received degrees from the University of Southern Mississippi (PhD), Sam Houston State University (MA), and the University of South Carolina (BA). Wright is series editor of the multi-volume The Southern Poetry Anthology (Texas Review Press) and assistant editor for Shenandoah. He is coeditor of the forthcoming Hard Lines: Rough South Poetry.

Books by William Wright

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Tree Heresies: Poems
By author: William Wright
Product Code: P501
ISBN: 9780881465204
Product Format: Paperback / softback
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William Wright’s eighth collection of poems is an expansive personal journey that includes poems about subjects as varied as a farm woman forsaken by her husband, yellow jackets, insomnia, a mountain witch, salt marshes, a ditch filled with rainwater, and even a post-apocalyptic portrait of the last person on Earth. Beginning with “Prologue,” a piece that embeds a kaleidoscopic, novel-like vision of a small agricultural town and a few of its inhabitants, these poems capture the exterior world and recontextualize its many forms through a dreamlike logic, harnessing radiant imagery and strong aural texture through lines and words that stir both mind and heart. Here, Wright reveals how the most luminous forms often dwell in even the darkest subjects and images.