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David Crowe

David Crowe is professor of English at Augustana College in Rock Island, Illinois. A graduate of Luther College and the University of Minnesota, he is a Fulbright Scholar (Norway), and has published on Ernest Hemingway, Wendell Berry, John Updike, Walker Percy, and others.

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Cosmic Defiance: Updike’s Kierkegaard and the Maples Stories
By author: David Crowe
Product Code: H891
ISBN: 9780881465020
Product Format: Hardback
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John Updike once wrote that many of his works are "illustrations of Kierkegaard," and yet no current study provides an extended, convincing reason why this is so, why Updike came to live by Søren Kierkegaard's ideas. This study does, telling the story of Updike's life-altering encounter with Fear and Trembling in his early career, and tracing the subsequent evolution of Updike's complex and coherent theology.