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Chung-Yan Joyce Chan

Chung-Yan Joyce Chan is currently associate professor of Church History, the director of the North American Chinese Church Ministry Program at Carey Theological College, and the codirector for the Centre for Worship Studies at the Carey Institute. She received an MDiv from Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary and a PhD in Church History at Baylor University. Chan has a variety of teaching experiences at seminary and local church levels, and in overseas as well as Canadian contexts. Her most recent publication is entitled REDISCOVER THE FADING MEMORIES: EARLY CHINESE CANADIAN CHRISTIAN HISTORY (2013).

Books by Chung-Yan Joyce Chan

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William Dean and the First Chinese Study Bible
By author: Chung-Yan Joyce Chan
Product Code: P488
ISBN: 9780881464863
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Scholarship in the area of Chinese Bible translation history has been devoted primarily to the production of the UNION VERSION. This book will examine a significant, yet much overlooked Chinese Bible translation project produced by William Dean (1807–1895), an American Baptist missionary to the Chinese people in Siam and China. This study utilizes extensive primary sources in both the English and Chinese language from the American Baptist Historical Society Archives and the Bible Society Library at the Cambridge University Library. Published jointly with the Acadia Centre for Baptist and Anabaptist Studies.