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Matthew Jennings

Matthew Jennings is associate professor of History at Middle Georgia State College, where he has taught courses in Native American history, among other subjects, since 2007. His first book, New Worlds of Violence, was published in 2011, and he has contributed chapters to books on the Mississippian-era Southeast, early Carolina, and the abolitionist John Brown.

Books by Matthew Jennings

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The Flower Hunter and the People: William Bartram in the Native American Southeast
Edited by: Matthew Jennings
Product Code: P485
ISBN: 9780881464832
Product Format: Paperback
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William Bartram has rightly been hailed as an astute, perceptive chronicler of Native American societies. In some ways he was able to see beyond the dominant ideologies of his day, some of which divided the world’s peoples into categories based on perceived savagism and civility. This was a noble effort, and worthy of praise more than two centuries later. Bartram could also use Native American civilization as a foil for an emerging white American society he saw as crass and grasping. Writing in this romantic mode, he was capable of downplaying the extent to which Native communities were fully part of the modern world that they and European invaders created together.