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Randall G. Colton

Randall G. Colton is professor of Philosophy at Cardinal Glennon College of Kenrick-Glennon Seminary in St. Louis. He holds an MA in philosophy from Baylor University and a PhD from Saint Louis University. Colton has published in the International Kierkegaard Commentary and The Thomist.

Books by Randall G. Colton

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Repetition and the Fullness of Time: Gift, Task, and Narrative in Kierkegaard’s Upbuilding Ethics
By author: Randall G. Colton
Product Code: P474
ISBN: 9780881464627
Product Format: Paperback
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In recent decades, many moral philosophers have begun to think more carefully about the significance of our inveterate story-telling habits for moral reflection. For some time those who promoted narrative’s central role for ethics on a variety of levels seemed to be commanding the field; but more recently skeptics of narrative’s relevance have begun to mount a vigorous resistance. Some of these struggles have played out on the terrain of Kierkegaard studies, and this book seeks to move the battle lines forward, both with respect to the significance of narrative more generally and to its place in Kierkegaard’s authorship.