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Martha M. Ezzard

Martha M. Ezzard is a lawyer, writer (award-winning writer for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution), and farm winery owner, but she has always been a passionate lover of the outdoors. The Ezzards raised their family in Colorado where she was a press aide to the governor and served in the state Senate while practicing law. A native of Atlanta, Ezzard returned to her Georgia roots and her husband’s family farm.

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The Second Bud: Deserting the City for a Farm Winery
By artist: Martha M. Ezzard
Product Code: H875
ISBN: 9780881464559
Product Format: Hardback
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Martha M. Ezzard and her physician husband John are among the pioneers in the movement of professionals trading busy city careers for a return to the land. While this story about saving a family farm is distinctly Southern, it typifies the national locally grown movement which has begun to sweep the country. Locally grown foods call for wines that are a taste of the local earth—what wine aficionados call the terroir, the soils and climate that give them unique flavors not found in California or Burgundy or anywhere other than, in this case, Tiger Mountain. The Ezzards undertook their risky wine growing venture in rural North Georgia where sweet tea has long been the drink of choice. John chose some unique European vinifera that would produce quality fruit in southeastern growing conditions, while Martha worried that she would be peddling such weird wine grapes out of the back of a pickup truck. Eventually, the forlorn looking sticks in the ground produced wines that won gold and silver medals in top east coast and California competitions.