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Sam Pickering

Sam Pickering grew up in Nashville, Tennessee. After attending Sewanee, Cambridge, and Princeton, he started teaching English, a happy career that enabled him to roam distant countries and nearby libraries. He has spent sixty-six years in classrooms beginning with kindergarten and has written more than twenty-five books. He is a member of the Fellowship of Southern Writers.

Books by Sam Pickering

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A Comfortable Boy: A Memoir
By author: Sam Pickering
Product Code: H773
ISBN: 9780881461824
Product Format: Hardback
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Long before he became a celebrity by being depicted as John Keating in the Dead Poets Society, Sam Pickering lived an ordinary childhood in the South. This memoir, extraordinarily told, is Pickering’s crowning moment to his long, literary career. Told with honesty, warmth, and integrity, he tells his story through his eighth grade year, focusing on family, growing up, and centers on finding his self. For Pickering, family is everything.
By author: Henry David Thoreau, Sam Pickering
Product Code: P421
ISBN: 9780881462319
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One of the most beloved books in American literature, Walden is must reading for any American or anyone interested in reading great literature. But for those who go there looking for reasons Thoreau became a recluse they are sure to be disappointed. Instead, reading Walden is more of a journey to the self and how that self can live in the world. This new edition has an insightful and lyrical essay introducing the text by Sam Pickering, the inspiration for the Dead Poets Society. His essay is the most provocative piece on Walden since E. B. White.
Tramp’s Wallet, A
By author: Sam Pickering
Product Code: P424
ISBN: 9780881462357
Product Format: Paperback
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In A Tramp’s Wallet, Sam Pickering spends six months roaming Australia and New Zealand, tramping landscapes pocked by sheep stations, art galleries and bakeries, and always libraries, their dusty shelves troves quick with life and literature. The saunterings of one of America’s best and most popular essayists stretch the seams of A Tramp’s Wallet. Far from the hoes and saws that prune days into convention, life flourishes, and this book is weedy and rankly rich with thought and description. “Lord,” St. Odo of Cluny said on his deathbed, “I have loved the beauty of thy house.” Pickering records his love of that house, and, if truth must out, his love for a few neglected out buildings—barns and backhouses, even the ramshakled huts of thought.
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