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James A. Perkins

James A. Perkins is distinguished professor emeritus of English and Public Relations at Westminster College. He holds degrees from Centre College, Miami University, and the University of Tennessee. A poet and a short story writer, Perkins has also edited books on Robert Penn Warren, Robert Drake, David Madden, and other Southern writers. A Fulbright senior lecturer at Seoul National University in 1998, he was given Westminster College’s Distinguished Faculty Award in 2006.

Books by James A. Perkins

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Snakes, Butterbeans, and the Discovery of Electricity
By author: James A. Perkins
Product Code: H617
ISBN: 9780865548145
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With the frankness of a memoir, each story in Snakes, Butterbeans, and the Discovery of Electricity explores the reaches of innocence amid a Kentucky childhood. Nolstalgic, funny, and touching, this collection reminds us of the forgotten paths and pitfalls of childhood. In the fashion of the truest Southern storytellers, Perkins, in Snakes, Butterbeans, and the Discovery of Electricity asks us in, invites us to stay awhile, and to listen.
Decembers: Poems
By author: James A. Perkins
Product Code: P477
ISBN: 9780881464658
Product Format: Paperback
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The poems in DECEMBERS have been written, usually one a year, beginning in 1973 when the author moved from the South to New Wilmington, Pennsylvania, where he took a job teaching creative writing at Westminster College. They are written to accompany the Christmas cards he and his wife Jane write each year to keep in touch with friends from college, graduate school, and earlier jobs. These poems arise out of memory, both of the author and those of others. In them Perkins is much more interested in the images of the season, the sights, the sounds, the scents, the textures, and the tastes than he is in the abstractions: joy, love, warmth, gratitude, etc. He is more interested in what the season is than in what it means.