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E. Glenn Hinson

E. Glenn Hinson is emeritus professor of Spirituality and John Loftis Professor of Church History at Baptist Theological Seminary in Richmond, Virginia. In retirement he served as visiting professor at Lexington Theological Seminary, Louisville (Presbyterian) Seminary, Candler School of Theology (Emory University) and Baptist Seminary of Kentucky. His honors include the Cuthbert Allen Memorial Award for Ecumenism awarded by the Ecumenical Institute of Belmont Abbey/Wake Forest University.

Books by E. Glenn Hinson

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Evangelization of The Roman Empire: Identity and Adaptability
By author: E. Glenn Hinson
Product Code: P048
ISBN: 9780865542440
Product Format: Paperback
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In a time when religious institutions are incessantly criticized, E. Glenn Hinson reminds us about the effectiveness of the institutions of the Christian church during the time of the Roman Empire and how they helped support the Christian mission maintain its identity while adapting to different cultures.
A Miracle of Grace: An Autobiograpgy
By author: E. Glenn Hinson
Product Code: H856
ISBN: 9780881463941
Product Format: Hardback
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This is the story of Glenn Hinson’s life—A Miracle of Grace— “for I stand with mouth agape as I look back from where I am at age eighty toward where my story began.” With degrees from some of the world’s most noted schools (Washington University in St Louis, Southern Seminary, Oxford University), Hinson has taught in some of America’s most distinguished educational institutions (Southern Seminary, Wake Forest University, Catholic University of America, Notre Dame, Emory University), and has played a modest role in some of the most momentous ecumenical developments in Christian history since the Reformation of the sixteenth century. Who could have foreseen much less predicted any of those happenings from a glance at his early years growing up in dire poverty in the Missouri Ozarks during the Great Depression?