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Creighton Rosental

Creighton Rosental was inspired by the Socratic approach to philosophy of the buzzing horsefly attempting to wake the slumbering beast of society. He still pursues this goal, though mitigated somewhat by the practical considerations of being an academic. He first confronted the necessity of practicality while earning a PhD in Philosophy at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst and currently by teaching in the Philosophy department at Mercer University.

Books by Creighton Rosental

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Lessons from Aquinas: A Resolution of the Problem of Faith and Reason
By author: Creighton Rosental
Product Code: H829
ISBN: 9780881462531
Product Format: Hardback
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Thomas Aquinas has long been understood to have reconciled faith and reason. Typically, he is understood as having provided justification for faith by means of proof. In this book, Rosental argues that Aquinas's account of faith is not simply an account of justified belief, at least as it is typically considered in contemporary philosophy. This book is an erudite and accessible reading of this most fundamental issue in Thomistic studies.