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David B. Parker

David B. Parker, professor of History at Kennesaw State University, has been the department’s assistant chair since August 2009. He teaches classes in Georgia history, the history of American religion, the Gilded Age, and research methods.

Books by David B. Parker

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Breaking the Heartland: The Civil War in Georgia
Edited by: John D. Fowler, David B. Parker
Product Code: H824
ISBN: 9780881462401
Product Format: Hardback
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Despite the state’s importance to the Confederacy and the war’s ultimate outcome, not enough has been written concerning Georgia’s experience during those turbulent years. The essays in this volume attempt to redress this dearth of scholarship. They present a mosaic of events, places, and people, exploring the impact of the war on Georgia and its residents and demonstrating the importance of the state to the outcome of the Civil War.