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Mary A. H. Gay

Mary A. H. Gay was a Georgia author of poetry and prose. Gay lived for most of her life in Decatur in a house that is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places. After the war, she was active in civic, club, and church work. Among her books, the most famous is Life in Dixie During the War, one of the few eyewitness accounts written by women and a source Margaret Mitchell used for Gone with the Wind.

Books by Mary A. H. Gay

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Life In Dixie during the War
Edited by: J. H. Segar   By author: Mary A. H. Gay
Product Code: P213
ISBN: 9780865547490
Product Format: Paperback
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Mercer University Press proudly revives this acclaimed real-life account of what the fictional Scarlett O’Hara saw. Life in Dixie During the War, first published in 1892, ranks among the best first-person accounts of the American Civil War. Mary A. H. Gay eloquently recounts her wartime experiences in Georgia and bears witness to the “suffering and struggle, defeat and despair, triumph, and hope that is human history.”