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Glenn M. Linden

Glenn M. Linden is associate professor of History at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, where he has taught since 1968. He has authored, edited, or co-edited seven books including three in the Civil War period-Voices from the Gathering Storm, the Coming of the Civil War; Voices from the House Divided, the United States Civil War as Personal Experience; and Voices from the Reconstruction Years, 1865-1877.

Books by Glenn M. Linden

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Disunion, War, Defeat, and Recovery in Alabama : The Journal of Augustus Benners, 1850–1885
By author: Glenn M. Linden, Virginia Linden
Product Code: H731
ISBN: 9780881460568
Product Format: Hardback
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Based upon a thousand-page daily plantation journal which was kept during the tumultuous years from 1850-1885, it is a compelling story of how a Southern planter and his family in Alabama survived and prospered in those critical years. Of special significance is the account of daily events of the Civil War years and the post-war years of rebuilding and recovery.