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Dr. John W. Brinsfield, Jr.

Dr. John Wesley Brinsfield is the Chaplain Corps historian at the Army Chaplain School, Ft. Jackson, South Carolina. He has degrees from Vanderbilt, Emory, Yale, and Drew universities and was a Woodrow Wilson Fellow at Mansfield College, Oxford. He is the author or co-author of seven books and more than twenty journal and newspaper articles.

Books by Dr. John W. Brinsfield, Jr.

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The Spirit Divided : Memoirs of Civil War Chaplains—The Confederacy
By author: Dr. John W. Brinsfield, Jr., John W. Brinsfield Jr.
Product Code: H687
ISBN: 9780865549647
Product Format: Hardback
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In this anthology of Civil War memoirs, we get a clearer impression of some of the chaplains who served during that Great Conflict. Chaplains were among the most omnipresent observers on the battlefield, and some wrote extensively about their experiences. Eighty-seven of the 3,695 chaplains who served in both armies wrote regimental histories or published personal memoirs, not counting a multitude of letters and more than 300 official reports. Yet, there has never been an extensive collection of memoirs from chaplains of both the Confederate and Union armies presented together. In this groundbreaking work, many of the Confederate chaplains write that they opposed secession and submitted to it only when war was inevitable. Moreover, some of the ministers who became chaplains were active in ministry to black slaves. They spoke out against the neglect and abuse of those held in bondage both before and during the war. For example, Reverend John L. Girardeau formed a large mission church for slaves in Charleston, South Carolina, before the war; Reverend Isaac Tichenor criticized the abuses of the slave system before the Alabama Legislature in 1863; and Chaplain Charles Oliver preached to black laborers in the Army of Northern Virginia in 1864 with the thought that more needed to be done for them. While these efforts may appear trivial in the face of the enormity of the entire slave system, they do reflect that a social conscience was not completely lacking among the Southern chaplains. From the battlefield to the pulpit, Confederate chaplains were surprising and complex individuals. For the first time, explore this aspect of the great struggle in each chaplain’s own words.
The Spirit Divided : Memoirs of Civil War Chaplains-The Union
Edited by: Maryniak   By author: Dr. John W. Brinsfield, Jr., John W. Brinsfield Jr.
Product Code: H715
ISBN: 9780865549968
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The Spirit Divided is a collection of letters, reports, and recollections in which Union army chaplains describe their motives and methods, their failures and achievements. Some threw away their somber black uniforms and became dashing staff officers. Scorning these “chaplains militant,” others were, in the words of a battlefield journalist, “bearers of the cup of cold water and the word of good cheer.
The Volunteer’s Camp and Field Book: Useful and General Information of the Art and Science of War, for the Leisure Moments of the Soldier
By author: Dr. John W. Brinsfield, Jr., John W. Brinsfield Jr.   Edited and compiled by: William B. Sargeant
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ISBN: 9780881461695
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When the Civil War began in 1861, thousands of volunteers rallied to the colors to defend their families, their homes, and the Union—or the Confederacy—as they chose. Comparatively few of these patriotic young men were trained veterans of military campaigns or graduates of a military academy. Before hundreds of regiments marched off to war, John Penn Curry, a veteran of Indian campaigns in the West and a former US Navy officer, wrote a practical handbook for soldiers to help them survive the hardships of life in the field.