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The Volunteer’s Camp and Field Book: Useful and General Information of the Art and Science of War, for the Leisure Moments of the Soldier
By author: Dr. John W. Brinsfield, Jr., John W. Brinsfield Jr.   Edited and compiled by: William B. Sargeant
Product Code: P397
ISBN: 9780881461695
Product Format: Paperback
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When the Civil War began in 1861, thousands of volunteers rallied to the colors to defend their families, their homes, and the Union—or the Confederacy—as they chose. Comparatively few of these patriotic young men were trained veterans of military campaigns or graduates of a military academy. Before hundreds of regiments marched off to war, John Penn Curry, a veteran of Indian campaigns in the West and a former US Navy officer, wrote a practical handbook for soldiers to help them survive the hardships of life in the field.