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William D. Taylor

WILLIAM D. TAYLOR† was a native East Tennessean, whose ancestor served with the 59th Tennessee Infantry Regiment at Vicksburg. He was married to Darby O'Neil, and has two daughters: Ashley, a recent graduate of the University of the South, and Shelby, a student at the University of Mississippi. He was in administration at Carson-Newman College. In May 2007 Dr. Taylor was tragically killed in an automobile accident. His interest in East Tennessee Confederate history was longstanding and his research on this subject spanned eight years. Its excellence is a tribute to his abilities and his memory.

Books by William D. Taylor

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A Fit Representation of Pandemonium: East Tennessee Confederate Soldiers in the Campaign for Vicksburg
By author: William D. Taylor
Product Code: H712
ISBN: 9780881460346
Product Format: Hardback
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An account of East Tennesseans fighting to defend Confederate Vicksburg in late 1862 through July 1863. Their service at Vicksburg was primarily as infantrymen, but some participated as cavalry scouts, others as artillerymen. Indeed, it was admitted by many that the mightiest warship on the Mississippi during this period was sunk by the cannon of an East Tennessee battery.