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Allen D. Spiegel

Allen D. Spiegel is professor of preventive medicine and community health at the State University of New York Health Science Center in Brooklyn, New York. He has authored and edited over twenty books and numerous articles and book chapters.

Books by Allen D. Spiegel

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A. Lincoln, Esquire : A Shrewd, Sophisticated Lawyer in His Time
By author: Allen D. Spiegel
Product Code: H555
ISBN: 9780865547391
Product Format: Hardback
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After considerable scouring, researchers discovered more than 70,000 documents directly linked to Abraham Lincoln’s twenty-four years as a practicing lawyer. A. Lincoln Esquire: presents unique insight into Lincoln’s legal career in a distinctive book that presents detailed stories about Lincoln’s cases using actual trial document, uses Lincoln’s cases to examine the social and political climate of the time, shows how relationships between Lincoln and his clients changed over time, and is the first book to use the newly discovered Lincoln Legal Papers primary source data.