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Randall M. Miller

Jon L. Wakelyn, Professor of History and Director of American Studies at the Catholic University of America, is author of Southern Common Folk in the Nineteenth Century. Randall M. Miller, Associate Professor of History and Director of American Studies at St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, is editor of Zubly: “A Warm and Zealous Spirit.”

Books by Randall M. Miller

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Warm and Zealous Spirit, A: John J. Zubly and the American Revolution, A Selection of His Writings
Compiled by: Randall M. Miller   By author: Zubly, John J.
Product Code: H029
ISBN: 9780865540286
Product Format: Hardback
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In the time of the American Revolution, pamphleteers were both popular and influential in American society. This collection of Georgia political pamphleteer John J. Zubly’s writings gives new insight into the thought and emotion behind Georgia’s participation in the American Revolution.