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The Crucifixion of the Jews: The Failure of Christians to Understand the Jewish Experience
By author: Frank H. Littell
Product Code: P031
ISBN: 9780865542273
Product Format: Paperback
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“Prophetic in the sense that it warns of the consequences of the failure to acknowledge, repent of, and make restitution for sin, Littell’s book confronts Christendom with its massive betrayal of the Jewish people when the Holocaust came upon them and of its continuing unwillingness to admit betrayal. The multifarious anti-Semitism that led both to the Holocaust and to the churches’ response to it is traced to an ancient but persistent error in Christian thought: the flight from history—the tendency to speculate, ‘spiritualize,’ and systematize rather than to remember, recapitulate, reenact, and receive grace and truth from a real tradition of historical events….The healing and restorative potentialities of this book make it deserving of the widest possible circulation.” --Library Journal