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International Journal of Religion and Sport, Volume 1 2009
Edited by: Christopher J. Anderson, Gordon Marino
Product Code: P389
ISBN: 2151-0679-1
Product Format: Paperback
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The International Journal of Religion and Sport is a refereed print publication analyzing the interchanges between world religions, religious practice, spirituality, and global sport. The editors of the journal invite contributions that take seriously the study of religion and sport as well as scholarship investigating notions of sport as religious or spiritual practice. The journal seeks contributions using diverse methodological approaches to religion and sport from a variety of disciplines such as myth and ritual studies, historical studies, popular culture studies, and liturgical studies. The editors welcome original scholarship in English from international contributors in the form of essays, book reviews, and film reviews. The journal is published yearly by Mercer University Press and is sponsored by the Centre for the Study of Sport and Spirituality at York/St. John College of the University of Leeds.