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Congregation and Campus: North American Baptists in Higher Education
By author: William H. Brackney
Product Code: H771
ISBN: 9780881461305
Product Format: Hardback
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In Congregation and Campus, the fullness of the Baptist experience in Christian higher education is explored, charted, and analyzed. Beginning with the establishment in 1756 of the Academy and reaching to the present, the author explores the need for Baptists to pursue education and the types of schools they founded. Included are colleges, universities, manual-labor schools, literary and theological institutions, theological schools, and Bible colleges. Special attention is given to women and higher education and black Baptist achievements. Details are provided about what makes a Baptist school Baptist: charters, trustees, presidents, support, church accountability.
Pilgrim Pathways : Essays in Baptist History in Honour of B.R. White
By author: William H. Brackney
Product Code: H507
ISBN: 9780865546875
Product Format: Hardback
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The essays in Pilgrim Pathways: Essays in Baptist History in Honour of B.R. White explores the lasting influence of one of the most prominent scholars of the history of Christianity. Topics examined in this book include: Baptist identity in light of historic patterns and transatlantic treatments, the theology of children, the rise of Baptist hymnody as an indicator of Baptist piety, and the application of Baptist principles in context. Readers will find this an indispensible book for understanding both the ideas of White and the early history of Protestantism in Europe.
A Genetic History Of Baptist Thought : With Special Reference To Baptists In Britain And North America
By author: William H. Brackney
Product Code: P269
ISBN: 9780865549135
Product Format: Paperback
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Baptists have been among the most diverse denominations in the world, but, regardless of what some may think, there is an identifiable theological tradition for the Baptists. This book is an interpretive study focussing on Baptist the-ology as it developed in Britain and North America. It is more than a collection of biographical essays or an apology for a particular theological perspective. The author reaches chronologically across four centuries and among British and North American Baptists of varying stripes. He argues that there is a multi-plicity of sources of Baptist thought, including confessions of faith, hymnody, pastors, academic theologians, "schools of thought," African American con-tributors, uniquely Canadian emphases, and those theologians who are "Baptist" but work outside of any direct denominational linkage. Another important assumption is that Baptists have influenced each other through literary and scholarly dependencies, mentoring, academic affiliations, and informally through associations. Unfortunately, Baptists have made scant the use of "footnotes" until last century, and this has complicated the theolog-ical detective’s task.
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