The Life and Letters of Emily Chubbuck Judson: Volume 5, October, 1851 – September, 1852
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Emily Chubbuck Judson (1817–1854) was a nationally known writer of the mid-nineteenth century. With pieces appearing alongside those by Edgar Allan Poe and James Fenimore Cooper, she walked in literary company second to none. She wrote children’s books, essays, and stories. During her fascinating life, she was a prolific letter writer. Volume 5 covers October 1, 1851–September 30, 1852. This is the year that Emily Judson worked with Dr. Francis Wayland, president of Brown University, on preparing A Memoir of the Life and Labors of Rev. Adoniram Judson, D.D. This volume is filled with letters from prominent ministers and missionaries of that time, all of whom were involved in the mission movement, and whose lives and ministries had been greatly impacted by Adoniram Judson. There is also correspondence from the Judson children who took Emily as their “new Mamma.” More Details