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Why Kierkegaard Matters: A Festschrift in Honor of Robert L. Perkins

Edited by: Marc A Jolley, Edmon L. Rowell, Jr.
Product Code: H811
ISBN: 9780881462128
Product Format: Hardback
Publisher: Mercer University Press
Availability: In stock
Price: $45.00

Monographs on philosophers multiply daily but on occasion we must ask the question of why a particular philosopher matters. When Mercer University Press opened its doors more than thirty years ago, it committed itself to religious studies in general, and to several thinkers. One of those was Søren Kierkegaard. Now, as the Press concludes a major publishing event with the completion of the International Kierkegaard Commentary, it seeks to honor the only series editor it has known: Robert Perkins. The method of this honor is by asking Why Kierkegaard Matters. Leading Kierkegaard scholars have contributed essays that range from the very personal and memoir-esque to the academic and analytical. As a result, this festshcrift is not only a book to honor an extraordinary editor, but is in it’s own right a major contribution to the assessment of the importance of Kierkegaard. Written with the general reader in mind, this collection will prove useful by both scholar and student, and will lead the general reader to encounter one of the most original Christian philosophers in the history of the world.
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