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Walter McElreath : an autobiography

Edited by: Saye
Product Code: H137
ISBN: 9780865541467
Product Format: Hardback
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Price: $35.00

When Walter McElreath sat down to write his autobiography in the fall and winter of 1940-1941, he was a successful Atlanta attorney, president of a thriving savings banks and general counsel of a flourishing insurance company, a celebrated investigator of political corruption, and a tireless campaigner for municipal reform. Mr. McElreath called his manuscript “a saga of small things,” but in its conception and execution it transcends what might easily have become, in other hands, a self-serving, selective record of business deals and political victories. It is a valuable historical document because it reaches into the heart of a person who was passionately concerned with the historical significance of the everyday events of his own time.
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