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Under the Rock Umbrella : Contemporary American Poets from 1951-1977

By author: Walsh
Product Code: P341
ISBN: 9780881460476
Product Format: Paperback
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Price: $35.00

Alan Freed (a disc jockey who coined the term rock ‘n roll) organized the Moondog Coronation ball in Cleveland, Ohio, where it was estimated 20,000 fans crashed the gates and caused the event to be cancelled. This is considered by historians to be the first rock concert and the birth of rock ‘n’ roll. A person would be hard pressed to discover a modern American poet born between 1951 and 1977 who was not influenced by popular music and the paradigm shift that occurred in the country as America was transfigured from the conservative lifestyle of Ozzie and Harriet toward Brown v. Board of Education; the Civil Rights Movement; Levitton; the Viet Nam War; the assassinations of JFK, Malcom X, MLK and RFK; riots; Woodstock; the Summer of Love; Equal Rights Amendment; Kent State; Roe v. Wade; and Watergate. Afterwards, a leveling calm came over the nation then we found ourselves wearing brightly-colored leisure suits and dancing to flashing strobe lights. This culminated in the mourning of Elvis Presley’s death in 1977—when for a week the country sat paralyzed in front of the television because a portion of their youth had died—and the same three years later when John Lennon was murdered. Throughout this turbulent twenty-six-year period (the first true generation of rock/pop music, popular music, rock music, country-rock, folk rock, rock-a-billywhatever moniker is placed upon it), the music wove its way into and through the country’s sub-consciousness. The period between 1951 and 1977 were watershed years for the country and the underlying influence to a monumental degree was popular music. It was exciting, youthful, and electric. Its influence was indelible. Under the Rock Umbrella brings together the best poets influenced by this powerful era in music to allow us to examine the music of each poet’s own verse.
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