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The Theology of John Smyth : Puritan, Separatist, Baptist, Mennonite

By author: Jason K. Lee
Product Code: H572
ISBN: 9780865547605
Product Format: Hardback
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The first English Baptist, John Smyth created controversy with his radical thought and actions. During his writing career of only ten years, Smyth successively produced works of Puritan, Separatist, Baptist, and Mennonite thought. After accepting Mennonite beliefs, Smyth and a majority of his congregation petitioned to join the Waterlander Mennonites in Amsterdam. However, before the union could be achieved, Smyth died of tuberculosis. Under Thomas Helwys’s leadership, the portion of Smyth’s congregation that did not join the Waterlanders returned to England and established the first General Baptist Church. Most studies of Smyth and his successors have approached the material with predominantly historical concerns. While the historical facts about Smyth are important, they should be coupled with his theology, which motivated his actions. Jason K. Lee is the first scholar to investigate Smyth’s theology in this context. First, Lee identifies the historical and theological environment that shaped Smyth’s thought, examining Puritan, Separatist, and Mennonite backgrounds in order. Smyth often found himself isolated from former associates as he continued his pursuit of truth. Second, Lee provides an analysis of Smyth’s theology including his understanding of Scripture, covenant, atonement, Christology, and Church-state relations. This book makes an important contribution to the understanding of both the origins of Baptists and to Christianity in the seventeenth century.
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