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Symbol and empowerment : Paul Tillich's post-theistic system

By author: Grigg
Product Code: H153
ISBN: 9780865541634
Product Format: Hardback
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Price: $35.00

In his Systematic Theology Paul Tillich employed the concept of God he found in the Christian tradition as a symbol for a reality ontologically more fundamental than a Supreme Being-“the God above the God of Theism.” A crucial component of this “post-theistic system,” Richard Grigg contends, is the “phenomenal empowerment.” For Tillich “empowerment” is the experience of being enabled to overcome a conflict between one's goals and the barriers within oneself to reaching those goals. Dr. Grigg asserts that when the role of empowerment in Tillich's thought is understood, then his place in the philosophic and Christian tradition will be clarified. The experience of empowerment freed the post-theistic element of Tillich's system from the terminology of German Idealism, allowing it to become a basic text for a theology that would embrace all major religions.
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