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Sometimes I Did All I Could Do: Authentic Remembrances of Teaching

By author: Al Stramiello, Margaret Morris, Jerry Worley
Product Code: P383
ISBN: 9780881461374
Product Format: Paperback
Publisher: Mercer University Press
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Price: $30.00

The authenticity of being human, paradoxical remembrances, and realms of wellness are some of the themes explored in this cutting-edge, down-to-earth repertoire of essays. Teachers share vivid memories that reflect happenings that began in good faith but, from a human perspective, failed to meet expectations. Read, for example, the chapter “Heads or Tails?,” a lesson that celebrates the traditions of teaching from a generational vantage point. This jewel of a story emphasizes the risks that all good teachers must take in order to make a difference. Or, read of the many paradoxes that are found in teaching. “An Encounter with a Bully: An Unlikely Transformation” looks through the eyes of an effective counselor as he influences a bully to reach out and help a fellow student in need. Take a journey with these seasoned educators as they share their stories of humility, failure, and fear—indeed, remembrances that would soon teach them well—as they travel on through a maze of educational lessons.
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