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Reading Sacred Texts Through American Eyes: Biblical Interpretation as Cultural Critique

By author: Charles Mabee
Product Code: P095
ISBN: 9780865544031
Product Format: Paperback
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Price: $35.00

Charles Mabee invites us to discover how we ca read the ancient texts of the Bible as if they had not been read before, freed from a meaning predetermined by ecclesiastical, scholarly, and cultural tradition. He aims to let us hear and understand the Bible within the context of American culture. Bydoing this, we can achieve a vantage point that allows us to understand anew both our culture and the biblical texts. Mabee argues that the approach of American biblical hermeneutics is open-ended and searching. "American biblical hermeneutics does not argue for American cultural hegemony," Mabee asserts in the book's introduction, "nor hegemony of American ways of reading the Bible. it does not advocate that others read the Bible as Americans do or ought. Rightly done, it should encourage them to read it self-critically within their own cultural context." Charles Mabee is a campus minister atOaklnad University, Rochester, Michigan, and teaches in religious studies in the Detroit area. In addition, he is the founder and director of the Society for the Third Millennium, and institute that brings together individuals from the university, the church, and industrial workplace to study the effects of contemporary organizations on the human spirit.
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