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Mystical and Ethical Experience

By author: Heard
Product Code: P317
ISBN: 9780865549814
Product Format: Paperback
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Price: $25.00

In plain language Gerry C. Heard explores the human experience of God, concluding that human beings can find God in a mystical encounter or through relationships with other beings in the universe. In mystical experience God is apprehended “in a direct manner, so that there is an immediate encounter with the Divine.” Mystical experience is “intuitive and often emotional in nature” and is dominated by “self-giving love.” In ethical experience God is approached through association with other human beings, nonhuman life, and inanimate objects in relationships that entail ethical responsibilities to other beings and to oneself. Each kind of experience can foster and deepen the other. Mystical and Ethical Experience can serve as an excellent introduction to theological study for church groups and undergraduates.
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