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Last Linotype, The: The Story of Georgia and its Newspapers Since World War II

By author: Grimes
Product Code: H176
ISBN: 9780865541900
Product Format: Hardback
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Price: $35.00

This book is about Georgia newspapers, Georgia, and Georgians-and about how newspapers publishers, editors, writers, and readers in Georgia have changed since 1950. Ralph McGill and Eugene Patterson, the great Atlanta editors, are here, and so are Walter Garrett and Bo McLeod, editors and printers of small weeklies in South Georgia. Here are stories about Charlie Black of Columbus, one of the great reporters of the war in Vietnam; Milton Beckerman, who referred to black persons as “Mr.” and “Mrs.” in Georgia weeklies long before it was a common practice even in large dailies; and the short-lived Atlanta Times, which was financed by thousands of Georgia investors who wanted to launch a “conservative “ newspaper. A Georgia newspaper of today appears little different to the casual eye from a paper of 1950, but the processes that go into the making of today’s newspaper are in many cases quite different. A 1950 newspaper story, written on a standard manual typewriter from notes scribbled on the run, would be edited with a soft black pencil and laboriously set in hot metal type on a Linotype machine or by hand. Today’s news story will likely be written at a computer terminal from tape-recorded notes and interviews; it will be edited, set in “cold” type, and placed on the pages on the same computer system, “untouched by human hand.” The last Linotype celebrates the evolution and survival of Georgia newspapers and the people who produce them.
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