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Kant On Moral Practice: A Study of Moral Success and Failure

By author: Stevens
Product Code: H012
ISBN: 9780865540125
Product Format: Hardback
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Price: $35.00

The treatment of morality as an integral philosophy of man (especially in Kant) has been neglected. Professor Stevens has rendered a needed service by clearly and thoroughly presenting a critical examination of the moral aspects of Kant’s system. His thorough study goes on to introduce specific typologies of amoral, immoral, and moral behavior. He offers needed guidelines for the determination of the substance of the moral life as understood by Kant. It is true that many read about Kant, but few write about him. Those who read about Kant know already that the literature often remains at the level of vague and abstract generalities. Stevens’ study, on the contrary, is clear, well illustrated, and readable. His argument is careful, clear, and well supported in the appropriate Kantian texts. Stevens must be ranked among those few who not only understand what Kant means, but can also explain that meaning clearly to others. Stevens’ study is well documented. The literature is carefully referred to in clear explanatory notes running with the text (no out-of-pocket endnotes here). In addition, the author has supplied a complete bibliography of relevant materials, both primary and secondary. The author’s working knowledge of Kant is evident on every page. He presents Kant in a clear and readable way. The text is “closely argued, clear, well supported in the primary sources.” Rex Stevens is Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Mercer University.
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