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Home of the Infantry : The History of Fort Benning

By author: Peggy A Stelpflug, Richard Hyatt
Product Code: H741
ISBN: 9780881460872
Product Format: Hardback
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Fort Benning’s history tells the story of the US infantry. For most of a century, Fort Benning’s infantry school has graduated the soldiers who lead as well as the fighting foot soldiers in the dirt and mud. Founded on farm land in Georgia, it has been one of the US Army’s premier installations from the days of the Doughboys to a more modern era where Rangers proudly wear their berets. Fort Benning’s long history has produced an impressive alumni list. Eisenhower coached its football team. Marshall rewrote the curriculum. Patton pushed men to prepare for battle. Bradley organized its Officer’s Training School, a source for men of rank in World War II. Powell and Schwarzkopf were honor graduates, as were Eaton and Freakley and other heroes from the sands of Iraq. Fort Benning trained soldiers in the art of the bayonet. It prepared them to jump out of airplanes. It discovered the mobility and power of helicopters. It honed the technology of the Bradley Fighting Vehicle. It has set the table for war in the trenches, war on the ground, war in the air, and war in the desert. Infantry has led the way and so has Fort Benning. It truly is the Home of the Infantry.
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