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Historic churches and temples of Georgia: a book of watercolors and drawings

By author: SampsonIntroduction by: James Patrick
Product Code: H212
ISBN: 9780865542426
Product Format: Hardback
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Price: $35.00

From its earliest days, Georgia- a joint project of the Anglican philanthropy and English military strategy-became a rare locus of religious tolerance in colonial American. The original settlers brought with them the Established Church, but they were soon joined by Jews, Salzburger Lutherans, Presbyterians, New England Congregationalist, Quakers, Seprate and Regualr Baptist, Methodists, Catholics, black Baptists, and others. This pluralism of faith and pratice is reflected in the pluralism of architectures Gloria Sampson has painted for this book:one orrm frame meeting house, plain and unadorned; cathedrals rising in Gothic splendor; temples of the Greek Revival; severe new England steeples; sprawling, ecletic castles, "stylistically indeterminate." "Truth is one, but experience is various," James patrick writes in his introduction, "and the characteristics of Georgia churches that strike the eye is the pluralism of style that bespeaks a pluralism of religious meanings and foretells the pluralism of twentieth century life." Historic Churches and Temples of Georgia is a remarkable achievement, arising out of the energy, talent, and wide-ranging interest of an extraordinary adopted Georgian, Gloria Sampson of Columbus. What she has created is an enduring testimony to a legacy of faith and fortitude. Gloria Sampson lives and works in Columbus, Georgia, where her gifts as an artist have contributed to the preservation of historica buildings. She was graduated from California College of Arts and Crafts in oakland. Historic Churches and Temples of Georgia has taken her over several thousand miles of country roads and city streets to every corner of the state, and she has painted every building where it stands.
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