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Elements : The Novels of James Dickey

By author: Casey Clabough
Product Code: H558
ISBN: 9780865547438
Product Format: Hardback
Availability:Not currently available.
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Price: $39.95

Elements: The Novels of James Dickey draws upon previously undiscussed manuscripts and notes to articulate Dickey's fictional vision as it appears in his three published novels, while also examining his early unpublished fiction and post- Deliverance screenplays. The book's thesis follows Dickey's philosophical and verbal theory for his published fiction ( the practice of merging), illustrating the multifaceted and layered manner in which it functions, encompassing protagonist and environment and reader and text. Just as Ed Gentry, Joel Cahill, and Muldrow assume the essence of their respective environments, the reader is subtly asked to become a part of the text while retaining cognitive independence "to blend in the place your're in, but with a mind to do something" (To the White Sea 273). Having explored the connective qualities of Dickey's published novels, the book's final chapter turns to a summary of Dickey's unpublished and largely unknown fiction. Discussing a novel manuscript, four short stories, three screenplays, and five screenplay prospectuses, the chapter seeks to summarize these heretofore undiscussed works while also tracing their similarities with the published texts.
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