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Dr. Benjamin Elijah Mays : A Pictorial Life And Times

By author: Carrie M. Dumas
Product Code: H704
ISBN: 9780881460162
Product Format: Hardback
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Price: $45.00

As a result of Benjamin Mays’s many contributions, he was not only recog-nized as one of the great minds of the twentieth century, but also left an indelible impact on so many of those he touched. He received 51 honorary degrees, wrote articles for 100 magazines and contributed chapters in 15 books. At the Oxford Conference on Church, Community, and State held at Oxford University in 1937 and at the state funeral of Pope John XXIII, Rome, in 1963, Dr. Mays represented the United States. He delivered addresses at more than 250 colleges, universities, and schools in the United States and was awarded the Distinguished Educator Award by the United States Office of Education in 1978. His portrait was unveiled and placed in the South Carolina State House on 12 July 1980. In addition, Dr. Mays gave wisdom and counsel to many more through his sermons, speeches, and community involvement. To chronicle the amazing life and contributions of Mays, Carrie Dumas spent several years in research, collecting photos, and interviewing many of those people whose lives were touched by him. Drawing from numerous archival sources, Dumas presents here a photographic biography of one of America's most notable citizens. With more than one hundred images of the life and career of Dr. Mays, this work presents this unique and influential story in vivid detail. While many have read of the life of Dr. Mays, now we can view the images.
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