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Christian Ethics

By author: R. E. O. White
Product Code: P118
ISBN: 9780865544734
Product Format: Paperback
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Price: $35.00

Previously available in two volumes R.E.O. White’s masterly survey of the Biblical roots and subsequent history of Christian Ethics is an ideal guide for students, clergy, and general readers. Praise for the previous editions: ‘R.E.O. White has in fact supplied an eminently practical digest of the thought of the nineteen Christian centuries … Ordinands in particular will rise up and call him blessed.’ -DAVID L. EDWARDS, The Church Times ‘Students of Christian Ethics, pastors and teachers will find in the book the inherited insights of the Christian tradition regarding more life…’ -Vidyajyoti ‘I give a hearty welcome to this book, for, as the publisher correctly says, “nothing comparable has appeared for many years”.’ -Themolios ‘This book is a splendid summary of the teaching out of which a Chrisian ethics needs to emerge.’ -LEWIS B. SMEDES, Theology Today ‘Could be the best introductory text available on the history of Christian ethical theory.’ -Christianity Today ‘…a gem of a book, the first such compendium or overall survey of biblical moral teaching to be published in a good many years.’ -Christian Century ‘…Well indexed, a great deal of quotation, much judicious analysis and summary…’ -The Expository Times R.E.O. White is a former Principal of the Baptist Theological College of Scotland. His many publications include: The Indomitable Prophet, A Guide to Pastoral Care, and Enjoying the Gospel of John.
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