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Boston Personalist Tradition, The: in Philosophy, Social Ethics, and Theology

By author: Deats
Product Code: H167
ISBN: 9780865541771
Product Format: Hardback
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This collection of sixteen essays traces the development of Boston personalism from Borden parker Bowen to the current generation. These essays deal with the Boston Personalists as persons as well as Personalists, with their lives as well as their thoughts, with their questions as well as their answers. Most of the Personalists examined here were individuals of deep piety; all were Methodists; some were mystics. They gave persistent attention to the Bible and were involved in most of the critical social issues of their time. In part one the essays define personalism, giving particular attention to its debts and its contributions. In art two some prominent third-generation Personalists assess the first and second generations in probing investigations. In part three some members of the third generation discuss their own developments in and contributions to the Personalist Tradition.
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