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Are Southern Baptists "Evangelicals"?

By author: James Leo Garrett
Product Code: H044
ISBN: 9780865540330
Product Format: Hardback
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In this study Professors Garrett and Hinson probe the identities of and relationships between “Evangelicals” and Southern Baptists, and thereby provide some direction toward answering the question, “Are Southern Baptists ‘Evangelicals’?” The useful study is marked by the historical, theological, and ethical insight and concern of the authors. Beginning from very similar points of departure (both are Southern Baptists and seminary professors), the authors arrive at different conclusions. Professor Garrett concludes that Southern Baptists are to be identified with Evangelicals; Professor Hinson, that Southern Baptists must be distinguished from Evangelicals. Yet these different conclusions may result simply from differing priorities and emphases, as the two studies clearly indicate. Priorities and emphases, however, are crucial for the understanding of identities and relationships. Professors Garret and Hinson clearly recognize that fact, and their study therefore is an important contribution toward and understanding of the phenomenon of “Evangelicalism” and its relationship to Southern Baptists. The book is enhanced by an objective introduction and conclusion to the question by Professor Tull, and is made even more useful by the inclusion of an annotated bibliography of works selected and recommended for further study. Not only Southern Baptists themselves, but all who are interested in the important phenomenon called “Evangelicalism” will find this to be a most helpful study. James Leo Garrett, Jr. is Professor of Theology and Associate Dean for the Ph.D. program at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth. E. Glenn Hinson is David T. Porter Professor of Church History, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville. James E. Tull is Emeritus Professor of Theology, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Wake Forest.
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