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The Cost of Unity: African American Agency and Education in the Christian Church, 1865-1914
Publisher: Mercer University Press
Product Code: H775
ISBN: 9780881461343
Product Format: Hardback
Availability: In stock
Price: $45.00
Like other Protestant organizations in the United States, the Christian Church was involved in the establishment of schools for African- Americans in the South in the years following the end of the Civil War. The most widely read books offering an interpretation of the history of this church tend to relegate the role of black people to passive recipients of white benevolence and largesse in this process of education reform. This book examines the agency of African-Americans in the founding of educational institutions for blacks associated with the Christian Church. The philosophical discourse within the Christian Church concerning the purpose, type, and control of these schools is examined as well as the prevailing racial assumptions and attitudes that informed each of these areas.

The Narrative Life : The Moral and Religious Thought of Frederick Douglass
By author: Williamson
Product Code: P236
ISBN: 9780865548343
Product Format: Paperback
Availability: Not currently available. (Backorder policy)
Price: $25.00
Frederick Douglass is remembered for his fiery rhetoric as an abolitionist, and his speeches, autobiographies, and editorials have been written of frequently, and recently he has been the subject of intellectual biographies. Williamson has written a provocative book using the insights of narrative ethics.

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