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A Joyful Passion for Teaching

By author: Al StramielloEdited by: Mary Willingham, Carl A. Martray
Product Code: P344
ISBN: 9780865549975
Product Format: Paperback
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Price: $25.00

Dedication, compassion, and commitment are common threads that weave their way through the pages of A Joyful Passion for Teaching. This compelling series of essays represents a wide array of teaching experiences and backgrounds of the faculty members of Tift College of Education. While there is a wide diversity of experiences, a common thread unifies the essayists: a joyful passion for teaching. The reader is certain to be moved by the expressions of love and dedication to the teaching profession. The question of "Why does one teach" is explored in a heartfelt and meaningful way by each of the authors. A Joyful Passion for Teaching shares with the reader these educators' collective fervor for teaching. This is a must-read for those who feel that they have been called to the teaching profession. Seasoned veterans of the classroom will find reaffirmation in each of their decisions to serve others through teaching. Parents and the lay public will gain a deeper understanding of what drives a teacher to dedicate his or her life to the teaching profession.
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