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William Rawlings

William Rawlings is a sixth-generation resident of Washington County, Georgia. Author of eight books, this is the third work of nonfiction published by Mercer University Press. Rawlings attended Emory and Johns Hopkins Universities, and holds graduate degrees from Tulane and Mercer Universities.

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The Strange Journey of the Confederate Constitution: And Other Stories from Georgia’s Historical Past
By author: William Rawlings
Product Code: H939
ISBN: 9780881466263
Product Format: Hardback
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THE STRANGE JOURNEY OF THE CONFEDERATE CONSTITUTION is a collection of seventeen articles and essays on topics in Georgia and Southern history. Individual chapters are arranged by era and cover subjects ranging from The Great Yazoo Fraud of the 1790s, to Jefferson Davis and the Confederate Treasure of the 1860s, to the Reign of Terror visited by the Ku Klux Klan in Macon of the 1920s. While academic, the book’s varying topics are aimed at readers with a general interest in the intriguing and often convoluted history of the South.